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Our Story

‘Not following traditional brand conventions’

One Degree North (1DNorth) is a modern and evolving drinks brand which has its roots firmly in Asia and Singapore in particular. The team behind 1DNorth have traveled the world over the last 30 years tasting, creating and sourcing unique products and ingredients. 1DNorth is a culmination of that journey, distilled into a new and innovative drinks brand.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the lengths we go to, to source the best ingredients, from the perfect pineapple, used in our Singapore Sling to the deliciously sour calamansi in our Bangkok Sling. Our approach and philosophy is that we are not a manufacturer, our drinks are made with care and dedication. More importantly we know how these drinks should be enjoyed.

‘Our drinks are made with care and dedication.’

At 1DNorth it’s all about the flavour.

We nurture and create our products in the same way a chef will develop his recipes. It’s about creating flavours and taste experiences which go beyond mixology and relate more closely to the ingredients, traceability and flavours. Salty, Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy. We want our customers to get involved in the experience and to play with their own favourite combinations. At 1DNorth we believe every drink is a personal experience.

Our Products

‘At 1DNorth we don’t manufacture, we create

The first range to launch is unashamedly Singaporean in its origins. We are passionate about a good Singapore Sling and believe that it is time to give it a well-deserved make over. We have dusted off the old fashioned and traditional image of Singapore Sling and re-introduced it to the world with a whole new range of ‘City Slings’. Each one with a unique flavour profile, but still rooted in the same core recipe.

True to our sense of adventure, we will be partnering with a selection of spirits brands during the launch of the City Sling range.

We believe that every drink is a personal flavour experience and of course we all have our favourite tipple.

The uniqueness of 1DNorth is centred on the consumers’ ability and freedom to change, adapt or create their own drinks to please their taste buds. Enjoy 1DNorth products from November retailing exclusively on board Singapore’s first floating bar – Float @ The Bay.


July 2015
Her World Pop Up Bar
on board Float @ The Bay

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July 2015
Art Apart Fair

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